True or False: Vista!

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I have a question to pose. What was wrong with Windows Vista?

I had used Vista from Beta through to the other day when I finally upgrade to Windows 7 (because I wanted new technology like DX11) and never, ever had an issue with it as an operating system. My system specs were not amazing, nothing about my computer other than myself (being savvy) is different than one bought off the shelf anywhere else, and yet it ran flawlessly. And I am not the only one. I have built computers within prices ranging from $900 – $1600 for friends, installed Vista, and none of them have a problem with it either.

This leads me to believe that the problem has to be the setup of the operating system itself. Any computer enthusiast should understand that an operating system is just like any other program, and needs to have its options configured to how the user wants in order for the software to behave accordingly. This is a 5 minute job which changes the entire feel of Windows Vista for the better, and in my opinion, makes it more than “liveable”.

Admittedly, Vista was a long way from Windows XP in polish when it came out, and some features were a little annoying, but these could all be switched off (User Account Control – Bah!) There is only a marginal difference in RAM usage from Vista to 7 (both fresh installs, no upgrade) possibly 5 – 10% overall on my system with 4GB, and not a lot more on my laptop with 2GB. So alright, it does use slightly more, but then again, it does look a lot better than XP. If you don’t want it to look better, turn it off!

It seems to me, that because the “IT Professionals” preferred a little speed on older computers and were not used to the default setup of Vista, they took an instant dislike to it, and then wrote on their blogs about it. Then the people who don’t know as much about computers listened. And refused to buy it. And the sales crashed. And more blogs by people who know even less came out about how they don’t like it. And the internet wins again.

I don’t want to get too rant-y here, but let’s just see what the latest internet trends are… Tiger Woods (celebrity scandals! O noes!), New Moon (Teen Vamp movies…), Lady Gaga (Bad music…) and Avatar (The movie, I’m guessing). My point is that you cannot listen to the internet. The best bet would be to ask someone who LIKES Vista to tell you why, rather than someone who hates it. Admittedly, both opinions have their flaws, but why not hear both sides of the story?

I guess the point of this blog wasn’t to give you my opinion, but to help you understand everyone else’s. If you do still have vista and haven’t already followed the fanboy rush at the Windows 7 desk of your local JB HiFi then please, take my advice and do the following:

  1. Turn off User Account Control.
    This helps make the computer a smoother, less obtrusive instrument to get what you want done.
  2. Change your Security Centre settings to stop notifying you.
    This gets awfully tiring after a while. Personally I don’t run Anti-virus or anything so it will always alert you otherwise.
  3. Set Control Panel to Classic View.
    The best for people who are used to using Windows XP. It’s the same again!
  4. Set your Start Menu to Classic View and customise to your liking.
    Also suggest using small icons here. This is something I have always had until I upgraded to 7. No, you cannot do that in Windows 7, but you can make it a bit better…
  5. Set your desktop to Small Icons.
    Much cleaner for those with smaller monitors / laptops

There is a lot of other small tweaks that you can do, and I’m sure you can google those yourself.

In closing, please don’t judge before you try. You really can make Vista an acceptable operating system with just a few small changes here and there. It’s like OS Feng-shui. Or something.

Have fun,

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