Fan-Dangle-d Tech-Knowl-Igy?

Just a quick one today, I feel like I want to share some information I have become privy to in the recent minutes. After deciding that I want to format Patrice’s Asus eeepc 900 and install Windows 7 Ultimate, I read a cool guide to do so here, which also points at a very nice Microsoft tutorial on Installing Windows 7 from a USB Drive. The only issue I have with this, is that I don’t want to use a USB key (I have an 80gb Portable 2.5″ HDD.)

This brings me to the issue of how do you format a hard drive to FAT32 (required to be able to boot from the disk). I had done this once before on my Vista setup, which took quite a long time and involved using a 3rd party app to format. Of course somewhere along the line I lost the application. After a quick Google I found The Answer very quickly.

Download the archive file from Here and extract it to an easy place to find (I recommend C:\) then follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your disk is connected
  2. hit Start / Run
  3. type “cmd”
  4. be very, VERY careful you know what disk you want to format
  5. type “c:\fat32format x:” (Where x: is your drive)
  6. once again, triple-check you have the right drive
  7. type “y” and press enter
  8. Don’t go have a cup of coffee. I dislike it when people that make lists and include those stupid items which are meant to be smart.
  9. That’s it. You now have a FAT32 formatted drive of any size!

Now there are a few things to remember, Due to the way FAT works, I would not suggest using it for a primary hard drive, or anything like that. It can get awfully clogged and tiresome to defragment. Also, people might laugh at you if they ever found out.

This trick is especially useful when running a large drive to play DivX or Xvid movies on your PS3 or USB-DVD player (completely legally, of course) as those devices only use FAT32 disks and USB drives. Also, when building USB Boot-drives for a netbook.

Other than that, I am considering getting one of These Puppies for myself, as I do not have a small laptop, my current one is large and cumbersome.

Keep “with it”,

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  1. 1 Guedgeinede

    Sry for commenting OFF TOPIC – what WordPress template are you using? Looks great!

  2. 2 dorsy99

    I installed the “K2″ plugin (which is an advanced theme utility) and am running the “Vader” theme within that, however I have modified the colour and layout a fair bit. Glad you like it! If you want, email me and I can go into some more detail!

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