The Next Step

Well, here I am again, posting another blog, this time however I am at a net cafe’ style setup at a shopping centre due to the installation of my old stereo head unit into my new car! I don’t know if I had regaled you with the tale of the vehicles, but just quickly, I have a new one cause the old one was run into.

To the business end of this discussion, I have been applying for jobs around Brisbane in Game Dev positions, but it appears that the market is not what it used to be. I have sent off approximately 7 resumes and have heard back twice, with negative replies. This is understandable considering that Krome Stuidos have just fired about 30 of their staff. Don’t ask me why. I have however found a position in a different line of work. Interactive Design for E-Learning systems! The job which I am looking at would be excellent, fits all the criteria and is almost twice as much money as I was looking at getting in the first place. Fingers crossed!

Die Hard weapon magazines
Die Hard weapon magazines

As for entertainment, I have played through and finished then entirety of Borderlands in about 3 days (Which was a very, very fun game, taking me back to the times of Diablo, Quake, and various other FPS/RPG’s. I have also been watching a fair few movies (such as the Die Hard series) which I have been enjoying the nostalgia of. (See image!)

I am also in the process of playing Star Wars: The Force Unleased and am thinking about getting Modern Warefare 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Does DA:O have a prequel? I should find that out. Most stuff with subtitles does.

As for anything else happening, I have put down for more hours at Big W where I have been working for the last 5 years! (I KNOW!) and they have started giving me exactly what I wanted. Surprising, right? The reason I need to work more unfortunately is that I have to stop mooching off the government. But hopefully I will get that job I was talking about beforehand.
In hardware news, the new Radeon 5970 is out, and looks amazing. It is only a little more expensive than the 5870 but is using the uber-cool single-card-crossfire bizniz which graphics cards love to use these days. Hit up Anandtechif you want some reviews. I certainly did. I am also waiting with bated breath for the release of Intel Core i9’s which will be Hexacore processors with hypterthreading, meaning that i will finally be able to have >10 threads! And yes, I do need it!
Well, That’s about it from me, and since that I have to head off in a few minutes to pick up my car, I bid you farewell! I will keep you updated on the situation of myself. Which is what blogs are about. Oh, and follow me on Twitter! *shakes fist*

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