Looking to the Future!

Last night was an auspicious evening of canapé’s, white wine and people sitting down and playing Cyber Granny. It was, of course, the Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment Industry Exhibition. This was great cause for celebration as my beautiful fiancé had baked cookies, provided a pretty pink “table cloth” and booth-babe’d for us! Stephen created for the group a large number of specialised teabags with Cyber Granny on the label of each individual bag, brought a tea pot and a walking stick, and was the voice of our group. I myself printed the DVD case inserts and the poster, burned 10 DVDs, set up the electronics and generally looked awesome.

The day itself went really well, with some very positive responses from the industry representatives and other students who took the time to sit down and play the game. My father came in the evening for the food and drinks, and to see how it all turned out. This was especially interesting because he could not stop himself playing the game while no one else was.

As for what I am going to do now that I have done my last presentation of my education life, I intend to get a job (as I have said) and would love it to be at THQ. They currently have a Level Design position going of which I fit the criteria to a tee. The only problem is that every Tom, Dick and Gabe Newel will most likely be applying for the position, making it well hard for a undergrad like myself to even get an interview, let alone secure the position.

The other option is to get a job doing something else in the industry (Such as Quality Assurance or making coffee) and then work my way up from there. Unfortunately that renders my university degree pointless, and I do not appreciate pointless expenditures of gratuitous amounts of money.

On a lighter side, I feel I am finally become fed up with FarmVille on facebook, as it is just getting tedious now, and I believe I will start spending more of my time watching movies which I have not seen yet. Movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Ghost in the Shell – Both of which I intend to watch within the next day or two. There are a large number of films which I have not seen and would really like to, but as I have been more focused on playing games than other forms of storytelling, haven’t had the chance.

In the world of games, I have spent some time playing Need for Speed: Shift which has taken a couple hours, and is actually pretty decent. I would give it 7 out of 10. Much better than the previous few instalments of the same game, but could be better.

Anyway, I’m going to meet up with Stuart my friend from uni who I haven’t seen in quite some time, so for now, I bid you Farewell!


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