The End, Again

So it’s been another month or two since my last post. Sorry about the delay again, uni has been getting super-nuts. And rightly so, I only have three weeks left. In total. Three weeks. That’s less time than it takes to properly smoke red meat?

Our game is finished to the standard which we could have hoped for having only three group members, one of which has communication and cooperation issues. You can check out the trailer and download the whole thing Here on my site. There is also a feedback form, but that’s getting on now.

As for my new site (with the domain free) i have found Arvixe who offer an amazing hosting package, and am using it to it’s full advantage. I pay a lot more for it than NFS, but it is so much better.

On the employment front, I have submitted my resume to a couple of places, namely THQ Australia who are based in Fortitude Valley in brisbane which is a nice train ride away from my home town. I really need to get a serious position so I can make the money to get married. I cannot wait till then. But until then I believe I will have to put in some hard hours at my current workplace, Big W. Oh joy.

As for gaming, I have been “researching” some of the most popular facebook games, as there is such a large player base. I have found that Farmville by Zynga is an interesting concept, allowing players to plant crops and harvest them after a certain amount of time. Resturaunt City by Playfish is another example of this, allowing people to set up and manage their own resturaunt. These two games generate income by selling in-game currency. That model is a good idea, although your income needs to be ballanced just like the game. The last game I have indulged in is Bejeweled Blitz. It is a 1 minute limited version of a PopCap pc game. These are ridiculously addictive and good to compete against your contacts with.

As I am finishing uni shortly, i hope to do all I can with this blog and my portfolio. You never know who could be looking. I’ll keep you updated.


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