Trials and Tribulations

So, after a month of radio silence, I am back, spreading the love.

A fair bit has happened, such as my motherboard breaking, a car crash, and more game development issues, but that will come later.

First off. What is with web hosts? All I want is a good, reasonably priced, completely unlimited hosting service. Cause my host has kinda changed it’s pollicies and now I am going to be hit with a bunch of fees and charges I didn’t have previously. Gah.

A project I have been working on between uni and fixing my computer, known as BuildStik is coming along nicely. I am aiming to find a new host and run a type of mirroring service for all kinds of free applications, possibly even tutorials etc.

As for my computer screwing up, turns out my motherboard died, so I had to pick up a new one. Not that I am complaining. My new GA-EP45-DS5 kicks ass.

My final semester of higher education is cruising along at a scary pace. I only have 5 weeks left. Ahh! I am a little worried that i’m not going to get a job. And I really need a job to move out of my mum’s place. Embarrassing much?

The final game-design unit is coming together. We have had another team member drop out, so our group is down to three members. This makes it a little hard for us to get everything together, though we are kind of used to it by now.

On a less cool note i was involved in a car accident last saturday, but it wasn’t too bad. Just ruined my car. Gotta follow up on insurance. *sigh*

Anyway, gotta run.
Great chatting,

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