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Ok, so i have been thinking about how we are going to make this game of ours interesting, and not a lot has been coming to me.

I read an article in the September PCPowerPlay about the original Duke Nukem, and how that was appealing to gamers at the time, and i just don’t think people are the same. All the choice people have in games today means that a good, but simple game will fall through the cracks, even if it has a small following.

Admitedly, we had this in mind from our research and have tried to compensate by including aspects from many different, yet compatible genre’s of games. Because we are developing a 2D platformer, we are incorporating other 2D games styles, such as shooter, puzzle and even some card games.

This being said, it’s still gonna take more than choice to get people interested. It’s going to take polish, and character development. Having a character that the players can relate to is something, but having a character that the player enjoys playing and wants to find out more about because of their smashed expectations is ideal.

We are developing Cyber Granny to do just that. Take what the player knows and understands and smash their perception. Even if it is of an old lady. Sticking to stereotypes helps inject humor into the game, like cups of tea as health powerups. Because what else would a crime-fighting, ninja-kicking 80year old woman want?

Level design has also been thought about. As we are having a frame-based game, and it is a platformer, we are going to endevour to get the map layout as non-linear and interesting as possible within the engine we are using. Giving the player multiple possible pathways and making them feel as if there is a bigger game than what they are experiencing is excellent for replayability.

On the whole, we are hoping that CG can really give us a helping hand into the industry, and possibly even give us a name!

Check back later for updates.

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  1. 1 Patrice

    I hope she ends up being similar to MacGuyver and you have to figure out how to use a pen and a paperclip to finish a level. Higher order thinking is something that can stimulate people’s intrigue and cognitive capacity. Like Portal or Armadillo Run where you have to think about what you do before you do it to achieve maximum impact. This even applies to World of Goo and Crayon Physics to an extent. I think a lot of people get more satisfaction and enjoyment out of games they can say they achieved something from, rather than just having the button masher/hack and kill method. That’s why games like Solitaire and Free Cell are still a favourite, because you need forward thinking and problem solving skills. From cognitive psychologist point of view it is far more beneficial to the development of the mind than poppin’ caps in those punk azz’s or mowing down people in virtual cars.

    Just a moral or rather, ethical way to look at the design of games. As much as there’s going to be the sodders who love their GTA and Saint’s Row, we should really educate their gaming taste. Portal is so much better.


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