Tidings, Abilities and Time

Sitting in my first lecture of “Game Project Design”, I realise that this semester is going to be different. Sure, I have stopped playing World of Warcraft, and sure, I am engaged now, but the main difference is that I WANT to get a higher level of quality from the assessment I produce. The last year of my uni course will be (hopefully) the first year of the rest of my life. Seriously. After I leave university, I wish to secure myself a job within the Game Design industry, and start a family. To do this, I need to have a portfolio of work, I need to have a degree, and I need to put myself out into the world.

So that is my new mindset for this semester. In other news, I have been rather “busy” of the last few weeks, I had a whole week holiday at Bribie Island, which was an awesome time spent with some great friends, and while I was down there I proposed to my girlfriend, and she said yes. Uni has started back this week, which is still interesting, and I have started working (Finally) on my Interactive RPG based online. It will take a while and a lot of learning to complete, but that’s not a big issue.

My blog will most likely be lacking while I am at uni, but then again, I do like procrastination. Another thing I need to change this year. Other goals I am trying to set myself are getting at least a couple of levels developed in either UT3, or whatever engine I am using to develop the game for my uni course. My website is slowly coming closer to the way I want it, and soon I will most likely sit down for a few hours and finish it. Stay tuned.

That is about all for now, so I will try and keep this updated, but I offer you no assurances.

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