Continuing to Play After WoW

Sorry about the wait again, I have been rather busy watching X-Files and replaying the original Half-Life in anticipation of Black Mesa Source.

Anyway, recently I have been playing a cute little game called World of Goo which is rather like Armadillo Run which I was obsessed with about two years back. It is a puzzle game based on the laws of gravity, making you stack “goo” on top of each other, using whatever you are given to save as many un-stacked goo as you can (Similar in premise to lemmings… use as few as you can to save as many as you can).

The developers of the game have an incredibly fun sense of humour, and used it well within the context of the story. Whether it is the strange “Sign Painter” or the way the eyes of the goo follow your mouse pointer, the game always leaves you smiling, unless of course you are bad at it, and tend to lose your goo… in which case the game can become rather frustrating. In a good way, of course.

Now in about a week I will be going on a holiday to the acclaimed Bribe Island for 8 days, and during this time I will be with good friends who like games. What better time, I asked myself, to introduce them the Dungeons and Dragons and possibly get myself a campaign going (finally). For a couple years now I have wanted a solid group of people to play with, as role playing and DM-ing are incredibly fun and good for your creative side. This might be my chance. I’ll keep you updated.

That’s all for now…

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