Resting and Results

Once again I haven’t been blogging for a while, but that doesn’t mean I have been doing nothing. For the most part I have been finishing up uni for the year, and taking a seriously needed break from everything. My results were quite acceptable, accomplishing a 4, two 5’s and a 6 for my favourite class.

As for my aforementioned portfolio website, progress is slow. After exams and assignments finished, I began work on a project with some of my friends. We planned on making a Neverwinter Nights 2 module, but progress on that has been really slow too.

About a week ago I purchased Unreal Tournament 3 Collector’s Edition which had an unexpected surprise. On the bonus DVD was about 2 hours or more of video tutorials showing how to make levels in the included editor. I have always wanted to make first person shooter maps as this is my favourite style of game, but I had always found the learning curve too steep without having some form of tutorial. The video tutorials included were perfect. They detailed everything from construction of the map, to filling it with meshes, lights, navigation and effects. I have begun work on some of my own maps and hopefully will get them up on my portfolio page soonish.

Something else exciting coming up is DorLan. Only 1 month to go. Although I am not totally sure on the turnout just yet, I do know that there will be a few people there, and I will be there. That’s the most important thing. Of course the game of choice this time will be Unreal Tournament 3, because it is just awesome. Also, I have someone brining some Gigabit switches which will help, and having 2.5 terabytes of disk can’t hurt.

Anyway, that’s about it for now.
Watch out for Manbearpig!


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