Changes in the Wind

Well dudes and dudettes, after some long consideration (Yeah, I lay in bed thinking about it for a few minutes) I have decided that a blog just isn’t quite enough for my web presence, so I am going to move said blog to a new and more interesting place. Yes that’s right, a sub domain! But this won’t be happening for a while, so you can rest easy for a few more months. I will be making the move when I can finally get round to having a personal website / portfolio.

Over the summer break in between this year and next, I plan on working on my portfolio quite a lot, and making a fully sic (heh) website to go with it, and to show it off. This will of course be entirely developed for me, by me, and aim at the potential employer. As the games industry is a “show” industry, not a “tell” industry, it will showcase everything that I have taught myself, and hopefully some of the assessments I have done throughout my course. I will try and keep it up to date, and include some information about me and what not, but I guess that I will decide what exactly will be on it closer to the date. For now, I am going to start work on the assignments which I have due in a few weeks, and hope for the best.

I know my blog has sort of gone quiet, as well as my forums, but I plan on working on it all, eventually. You can be sure when I am making the games you ask your mum for, I will be updating it more regularly!


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