Vista Vitality

As everyone knows, Windows Vista is the latest and “Greatest” operating system released by the software giant Microsoft. Yet no businesses have adopted it yet, and barely anyone knows exactly what it can do or how it can do it. Not to mention the hardware requirements. Why is Vista so poorly marketed? For that matter, why are the Intel Core2’s poorly marketed?

The answer is simple. If they told everyone what it could do, people wouldn’t buy it because they would feel stupid. In today’s high technology, sushi and innovation-full world, almost no one understands the bigger picture. People think computers just work because some geek told them too, and they pay those geeks to fix their computers every 10 minutes because they keep breaking down.

A computer isn’t really all that intricate to understand. Basic principles (not “this is a computer”) would help people diagnose problems so much quicker than no learning at all. If the government put up free computer classes in basic hardware and software “understanding” then people would be more creative, more productive and heaps less noob. Yeah I said it. As a bit of a case study I have been slowly teaching my girlfriend about the inside workings of a computer, and she has begun to understand applications and even hardware better, leading to better output using a machine.

With OS’s coming out like vista, boasting increased user-friendly-ness, it makes the everyday person even less compelled to take the lid off their computer and blow out the dust. Why bother, when for $50 someone else can do it for me? Knowledge for the sake of knowing. Understanding what things can do helps use things, helps fix things, then you can teach your friends and then the whole world knows it. Then people can stop worrying about making User-friendly operating systems and start making stuff that people want. Windows Media Center? HELL NO!


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