Back from the Non-living!

It seems like forever since I have blogged. I guess it has been a while. I have been bogged down with uber amounts of assignments (like 2!!!), the it04 site taking off, and generally being busy. I want to change that though with a comeback post. What is going to be in this comeback post you ask? Well, truthfully, not much. But it will start me blogging again! Yaaay!

Anyway, if you haven’t heard, Bioshock has been released and many people say it is awesome. I say yeah, it is awesome, but it is also generic. What does it offer gaming culture apart from some new jokes? The plasmids are not that great, the weapons are just that, weapons, and the storyline… well it has an interesting idea, even if it is completely implausible. Alright, it is a good game, which I am sure to spend a few more hours finishing and then replaying, but it just isn’t the HL2 killer everyone thought it would be.

With my new rig fully operational (scoring 10500 3Dmark06 marks) I am able to play it on high, and marvel at the graphical goodness. Because I am waiting for Vista SP1 before upgrading, I will leave judging the graphics entirely until I have played it DX10. But we all know graphics don’t make the game.

In one of my more interesting classes this semester (KIB202 – Enabling Immersion) I have been tasked with creating a MUD (Multi-user Dungeon). This is a group task which we will be undertaking soon enough. After talking to the lecturer I have decided that this task will be best completed in entirely text, without any fancy “flash” foolery, or very many artistic depictions. Knowing the people that I am working with, I know that this will be an excellent venture into the linguistic side of everyone. Who doesn’t love reading a good book, or even better, reading a good “pick your own story”?

Some other things that I am getting involved in soon are a Neverwinter Nights 2 Module (details TBA) and possibly building up a new computer for my girlfriend on a budget! I love bargain shopping.

One of these days I promise I will update my uni page with all of the subjects I am doing this semester, but until then please check out the IT04 forum for all the latest goss, glam and gaming celebs (heh, by that I mean arguments about ATI, Nvidia and everything else geeky).

I’m out.

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